Monday, 10 April 2017

Kiwi Sport Reflection

 3 Week Skateboarding Kiwisport Reflection
Today We can Stay Long Skateboarding Because Room 10 Is going to a trip and I am So Happy. Today Is Really Exciting Because I Know how go down the hill and I know how to  turn , and Balance I Feel Good . Me and Kensington Race and I won , and I was So happy . At First I don't know how to go down the hill I was so afraid but then I tried My Best and I did It . When I know how to balance and How to go down the hill I feel I am So Good . But My Friend Rosemary and Bianna Was scared because Rosemary Fall Down , and Hurt Her Leg So She never try It Again. Our Teacher Was A Boy And there names Is Marton , and Haden . There Is 5 Equipments For skateboarding , Helmet , Knee Pad , Elbow Pads , Shoes , Wrist Guard . Mattew and Others Race . Mattew Won and I am so happy For Him . He Was Great . The Fastest Girl In Room 9 Is Destiny . The Slowest Girl In Room 9 Is Helen kind of . The Skateboarding Equipment Smells Yuck like I wanna Vomit but I have to Stop Smelling . Skateboard pattern Was Change and I think This Is Our last Skaeboarding . If It's our last I am Gonna Be sad Because I can't Skateboard anymore and I don't know how to ride anymore. 

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