Thursday, 17 August 2017

Heart Foundation Supermarket Visit

Walt : know what we did in the countdown supermarket.
I found challenging was finding the right food and the healthy food. We did different types of actives.
Kengsinton help me some of the questions and i did the risk. 
When we went in the trip we where riding a bus and we have different groups.
I was working with kelly's group. It was so fun working with them. We went with the Room 7 student.

Cook Island language week!

IALT : know what is cook island language week meaning and researching more about cook islanders.
It was so fun doing this. I really really sorry if i post this late. 
I found challenging was the facts about cook island and researching stuff.
I need to work on my explaining my word. 
I didn't found challenging was the easy questions like the 1 one and the end one.


Here is the picture that i did finish my work. 
WALT : know how to solve our maths and what we did in our maths.
I found challenging was the last question because it was hard.
I didn't found challenging was the 1 question because it's the 1 one.
I really like today's maths also i finally finish my maths questions. Awesome.
I did My maths work also in xtra maths and if you wanna know here is a link for you (Click Here).


IALT : know how to make the nacho Cooking.
I found challenging was cooking the onions and not to cook it brown but I cook it brown.
I didn't found challenging was the Pictures and yeah.
It was awesome cooking today.
Mrs. Tuipulto Said that it's the last cooking i don't know if it reals. 

Tuesday, 15 August 2017


IALT : Know what is a cinquain and what it means to me.
It was so fun editing this.
Do you like cinquain?
Do you know what's a cinquain?
Here is a link for you to know what is cinquain mean (Click Here) .

Monita , my friend help me some of the words and I did the last one.
Monita was a big help so much.

I found challenging was the sentences and the cinquain.
I didn't found challenging was the picture.


WALT : know where we go everyday in our history.
I Suppose to blog this in the other week.
Our teacher in cyber smart is Mrs. Sharon.

I found challenging was the instructions and pictures.
I didn't found challenging was the page of my friend favourite tysm. 

Thursday, 10 August 2017


WALT : know how to cook Chocolate Cake with whip cream at Technology.
This week is the last day of our cooking in technology. I am gonna be so sad today :(. I will totally miss cooking.