Wednesday, 28 June 2017

KiwiCan Reflection

WALA : participate and contributing.
Hey guys so today i am gonna be showing you my kiwi can reflection.
I hope you like it and leave a comment down below if their is something wrong in my kiwi can reflection. Do you like kiwi can? cause i like kiwi can

Cybersmart presentation

WALA: What a quality blog post needs?
Yesterday for Cyber smart we are learning what does a quality blog post needs?.
Mrs. Shearing told us to make a poster of what does a quality blog post needs? and so this is what I made for what does a quality blog post needs.
It was fun making this poster. 

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Pasifika Presentation

WAL: to know more about pasifika and research about it.
I was working with Kengsinton and Alone in this presentation. It was fun working with them. The best part was the slide 4 , slide 6, slide 8 and 10 because it was just easy. The challenge part was the research part because you have to say it on your own words and it's hard. 

Oreo Presentation(Own)

Walt: Know more about sugary drink being banned.
I was working with Kengsinton, Monita and Akih.
It was fun going working with Kengsinton and Monita.
We where recording in this presentation.
I Will show you our recording 


Monday, 26 June 2017


IALT: Know more about fitness and by using the s.e.e structural.
I was working with alone on this presentation. At first i didn't quite understand what it means to me. It was fun doing this with alone. I need to work on my meaning . The challenge's i found in this presentation was the understanding. 

KiwiSport Reflection

Kiwi Sport Reflection
IALT: Participate and Contribute the game.
Image result for BasketballToday we have kiwi sport and our kiwi sport is basketball. But it's the last week of our basketball. At first we did run back and forward run and it was kind of bet hard , and then we played the game called golden child . If you wanna what is golden child means here is a link for you (Click Here) , also checkout my other kiwi sport basketball reflection (Here). We have 2 boys coaches in kiwi sport , 1(First) coach name - Hyram , 2(Second) coach name - Peter. The 2(two) coaches was so tall and i was so short. We won 2 round in the golden child and the other team won 1 round in the golden child. It was so fun playing in the golden child. We nearly lost in the golden child but George manage to shoot the ball and we won. I thought where gonna lost again because gary's team always won and sifa's team always lost. It was our 1 time we won. After that we played Numbers and it was so fun. We lost the game , The other team and my team lost. It was still fun. The challenges i found was - shooting the ball into the pole because i am so short , - Passing the ball to my team and Running fast. The best part of the lesson is our team won in the golden child game. I like the least was our team lost in the Numbers game. My thoughts and feeling to the lesson was i hope i can do a 3 point shoot at the pole. It was fun doing the kiwi sport reflection. I will totally miss basketball kiwi sport. I hope next year we still play basketball. 

Saturday, 24 June 2017

Song Writing Group (Music)

Music Group
WAL: to know more about sugar using music 
Every friday at school we have music and I am in the song writing group in music.We have a presentation the we are working on our song writing group music. 
I will show you our song writing music presentation.

It was a docs song writing presentation. We are using the that's what I like song and we are changing the lyrics into sugar. Also we have to talk about sugar cause we watched the sugar film. Every time a go to music group i feel excited.
It was fun going to music group.