Tuesday, 11 December 2018

🎊Blog for 2018🎉

🎊Blog for 2018🎉
WALT: Reflect about 2018
Over the past few months I have been part of Kia Manawanui Syndicate, as part of the team I felt welcomed, amazed and loved. Being in Kia Manawanui Syndicate I felt pleasure because of how amazingly we worked as a team. Some people went away and some people came but the memories of them is unforgettable.  

We had ups and downs through out the terms but amazingly we made it the end. For our trips it all helped us to know each other more and  it had helped me to discover myself. One thing that I achieve more in this term is maths, maths because I past through hard questions and I did well for maths but I'm still waiting for my grades by the end of this term. 

The skills I have learned for the past few terms and months are hiking and kayaking, hiking because I did not go to a new and similar hiking trip, kayaking because I learnt how to drive and use the small boat,  and it's also my first time going to a school trip. I enjoyed spending out time with 3 people that I meet this year for school which is Faa'fiu, Coralee and Carra, they were the friends who i felt comfortable with

Term 1: I meet new people such as Coralee,Carra and I became their friend. We also had to start of things for the first term and they were new people that came.

Term 2: trying to make friends and overcoming my shyness for confident. My friends helped me to overcome my shyness and it helped me a lot. 

Term 3: feeling the confident and I meet a new girl named Faa'fiu and she became one of my best friend, then she was a part of our team. Also we went to a museum trip.
Term 4: Ah! Last term, Is the best part of the year because I meet new people and we had lots of school trips. Term 4 is the best part of the year for our school

So that's what I have enjoyed for this year and I really loved this year. 
That's it for my blog!
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Monday, 10 December 2018

📕Reading Task..

Image result for animals📕Reading Task...
IALT: use my information to questions.
Coralee,Faafiu and I were finishing up a reading task about pests. This is what we have done so far and tell me what u think in the comment section below, also if you wanna take a look at our work, then (CLICK HERE) 

What sorts of animals do we have in New Zealand?
Here are sort of animal that we have in our country; - Kiwi bird,some a kiwi bird is national sweetheart and a lovely bird in our country, although this bird cannot fly. Lesser short-tailed Bat, Lesser short-tailed Bat or pekapeka is an important animal in New Zealand because it’s the only mammal in New Zealand. Hector dolphins, only found in New Zealand’s waters, this distinctive grey dolphin with black and white markings and a round dorsal fin is the most easily recognised species of dolphin in New Zealand.

How has an environmental issue influenced technology?
Less native bird and other native animals haven’t been killed because of the pest trap that was being made. The pest trap is killing lots of New Zealand’s predators which is lowering extinction of our native animals.. 😺🐺🐀 What questions do you still have about the way we care for our environment? - Is all pests killed now? Do u they have to get killed? Why can’t they killed by other way?

So that's it and our task was one of the reading site from our class site for syndicate.
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💬Justifying, or debating on a statement🗣

WALA: The importance of forming an opinion / having a belief. 
💬Justifying,or debating on a statement🗣
In the Kia Manawanui Syndicate for writing we decided to debate on 3 different types of questions which is..If 10 years old should drive? It is compulsory for all students to learn Te Reo, and should we have school rules?
Image result for 10 years old driving then crahes
The first topic is, if 10 years old should drive? Well I strongly disagree because kids are not mature enough to drive and it could increase deaths, traffics and lots of accidents. Another fact is, some Adults nowadays still can't drive and can't past the driving test, how about kids that are younger? The Second topic is, if it's compulsory for all students to learn Te Reo? Well I'm not sure if I disagree or agree, i disagree because people doesn't have to speak Te Reo and people in New Zealand mainly speak English, i also agree at the same time because it's a natural language in New Zealand and its needed in New Zealand, that's my opinion.
Image result for rules
The Third Topic is, if there should be school rules? Well I strongly disagree because there be lots of violent such as fighting,arguing and more, also our visitors from other school's could come and could leave instantly because of how violent are school is. What is the purpose of coming to school? if school the has no school rules.. some people from our school also agreed but I disagree with them..

So that's my opinion, questions:
Anyway's what do u think? Do u agree with me or disagree?
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Thursday, 6 December 2018

Congratulation - Mrs. Komor, Letter!

love letter animation GIF*I have no walt for this, sorry*
Congratulation - Mrs. Komor, Letter!
Today morning we we're given a task to do which is to make a congratulation letter to our lovely teacher Mrs. Komor. The whole syndicate has to make a congratulation letter, we had to make it a secret, so one by one we got called, and had to make the letter in the other side of the room.

-So, this is my congratulation letter for Mrs. Komor-
(Looking at my letter, what do u think? Is it bad or good? What are your questions?)
-------------Feedback for this letter---------
As u notice, i added party decorations such as balloons and essentials because it's about congratulating my teacher Mrs. Komor. I also 
added some words that relates to her such as passionate, kind and helpful.  I added
 pictures of that shows her lovely smile and it feels good to see someone smiling. 

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Wednesday, 5 December 2018


WALT: Freestyle write about an image..
Today our teacher asked us to write a story about a picture. This is what I wrote. Tell me what you think in the comments bellow. Enjoy!

Starting point - The wind rushed through her hair as she descended the mountain of great speed. For most children this would be an exhilarating, even terrifying experience, but for Lucy it was just a ordinary journey to school.Her house was on top of the mountain and dangerously go to school. The zip-line was her biggest enemy to school, it was scary, terrifying, as u look down the deadly lake is like eating u, she rushed as she was exhilarating.

At last she arrived, she was relieved and excited to learn. Her friends was so happy to see her but they didn’t know the struggle of her going to school. She walked to school and say good morning to all teacher. As she sat down, her desk was full of doodles, that says she was ugly and has a drawing of her ugly face. She cried’’ as people laughed at her, her friends tried to calm her down but eventually she cried even more.

The teacher finally walk in, people were quit as she was crying. The teacher asked if she was alright? One of her friends told everything that happened, eventually the bullied got in trouble.Now the lesson finally start, she was happy to learn and excited.When the school finished at 4:30 , she was sad because she loves school more than home and she loves learning.

The end.. Thank u!
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♻Turning something into new..

WALA: our technological world.
♻Turning something into new..
For the last couple minute I have been working on reading, for the past few days we have been reading this article which is turning something into new and we finish reading the article. Now we have to answer questions in slide 10,11,12 and 13. I was with Faa'fiu finishing up on things.

The slide I have been working on is 13 and Faa'fiu, my buddy is working on slide 10. On slide 13 the question that I'm finishing on is, what does the author want us to think about rubbish and recycling? my answer would be wants us to think that rubbish is not just rubbish it can be recycled and turned or transformed into something new.

So that's it and thanks for reading my blog posts..

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Thursday, 29 November 2018

🍎Cooking, Apple Crumble..

WALT: use technology to make Apple Crumble..
Today's blog is about....
🍎Cooking,Apple Crumble..
This term for Inquiry we are learning about our Technological World. This week we didn't go to Tamaki College for technology so we stayed at school and made apple crumble. Mrs. Komor started to split us into different groups.. So the boys peeled the apple's and give it to the girls that cutted the apples and some girls like,Grace,Faa'fiu,Fine, Aletheia and Lydia, did the measuring, mixing and more..

What I did is, i was one of the girls who cutted one of the apples when the boys were finish peeling the apples. I was proud of how I contributed to cut and I wasn't afraid to tell Mrs. Komor that I wanted to be one of the person who want to cut an apple. While we were cutting Apple's I found it challenging for me because the apples was hard and my knife were to small but I decided to use the big knife to cut.. It was amazing how me Ceren and Constance did a good teamwork and we did a good job for showing a good teamwork which is showing the school value of Manakitanga. Do u know what we technology we use to cut the apples?

Mrs. Komor helped us for some parts of cooking, she helped us how to use the knife. To be honest I already know how to use the knife but even though I know, I wanna still be careful. I enjoyed eating what make and it turned out to be yum somehow, it tasted like apple pie.. My feedback for the food is that it would be better if they added more ingredients to the apple crumble and so people would love it more..
This is how the apple crumble looks like..

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