Monday, 17 July 2017

WLJ 2017 Weekly Activities.docx

Activity 4
WALT : Know more about predators and reasons about them?

Should we kill predators?
I think we should!
1(Reasons) - Yes because many small animals will get killed and we don't want seeing small animals died do we?. Also i don't really like predators cause if they are going big and big they could kill us like sharks , and other huge species can kill us.
2(Reasons) - Small animals also have life and what if that's you or us , how do we feel then? we are just lucky because we are bigger than them and can kill them easily. 
Some people are hunters and they kill different kinds animal even a good animal and we don't like that!. 


  1. Hi Akih!

    Thanks for sharing your opinion on the issue of possums! They really are causing a lot of trouble so hopefully the plan to have them all gone by 2050 will happen! Do you think that's possible?


  2. Hi Akih
    I really love your reason and I agree with you that we should kill possums and let not possum live here in New Zealand because how it cause bad things!
    Great job!